Ronald Turco, M.D.,  is a consulting psychiatrist and wilderness enthusiast practicing in Portland, Oregon







Ron Turco, M.D., is an avid outdoorsman, author and well-respected psychiatristRonald Turco, M.D., is a widely recognized psychiatrist, author and wilderness enthusiast who lives in Portland, Oregon. He is a Diplomate of The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and has served as an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Oregon Health Sciences University for more than 30 years. As a member of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis, he served as Chairman of The Study Group on Art, Creativity and Culture, and Chairman of The Committee on Human Rights and Social Issues. He is active in Transcultural study programs and sponsored numerous children through the Futures for Children Program. 

Dr. Turco has also had a long involvement with the Asian community in Portland, Oregon, including both teaching and student exchange. A former officer in the United States Air Force, he has written five books and more than 170 technical papers in the field of psychiatry and psychological profiling.

As a consultant psychiatrist practicing in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Turco emphasizes psychotherapy and the minimal use of medications in treating combat related stress disorders and post traumatic stress disorder, unresolved grief reactions, child loss and depression. His practice also includes the psychiatric treatment of physical injuries (amputations, burns, crush injuries), body dysmorphism and disfigurement, serious physical illnesses and sexual abuse.

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